BrewDog 77 Lager


Skottland | BrewDog | 42 kr/l | 4.9% | Varunr: 1500

BrewDog 77 Lager smakar inte som en klassisk ljus pilsner utan är en lager med en något annorlunda karaktär. En fruktig smak med en tydlig beska och kryddiga inslag i eftersmaken gör att 77 Lager i det närmase flörtar lite åt ale-hållet. Värt att nämna är även att 77 Lager är en ekologisk öl.

BrewDog är det skottska bryggeriet i Fraserburgh som grundades av vännerna James Watt och Martin Dickie år 2006. I april efterföljande år ducerade grabbarna sitt första öl och sedan dess har ett brett utbud lanserats. Framförallt har BrewDog satsat på attityd och en djärv marknadsföring, inkluderat en satsning på att ta fram världens starkaste öl. Till Sverige kom de första sorterna under hösten 2009 och hos Systembolaget hittar vi numera, förutom BrewDog 77 Lager, BrewDog Punk IPA, BrewDog Paradox, BrewDog Trashy Blonde, BrewDog Bashah och Zeitgeist.


Serveras vid cirka 8°C till rätter av fisk, ljust kött eller som sällskapsdryck.


Mörkt gyllengul färg.


Fruktig och nyanserad smak med en tydlig beska och inslag av torkade örter, pomerans och vörtbröd.


Fruktig och nyanserad doft med en framträdande humlekaraktär och inslag av pomerans och bröd.


Beska: 8 av 12 Fyllighet: 6 av 12 Sötma: 1 av 12


33 cl flaska - 13.90

Kanske lämpligt


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Erickclulk skrev torsdagen den 6 juli 2017, kl 19:07

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1e1FuV4efdG8 skrev sndagen den 17 november 2013, kl 14:35

Astute observations all, but I would add anhoetr: The move into supermarkets is also about price positioning in the UK craft sector, as consistent with the strategy in their bars. Supermarket available craft imports like Goose Island IPA or Sierra Nevada Pale retail at a consistently higher price point than Punk IPA. Equally, Brewdog trumpets Nogneo, Mikeller and Stone (to name a few) in the UK: between duty and import these will always be more expensive products than Brewdog's comparable offerings. The creation of a Craft Consciousness in the UK is vital to them as they harness the aspiration that surrounds premium import products, then undercut them. Its a double win but it requires them to be the gatekeepers of good beer. Witness the beer geeks who grumble about the variable quality of punk whilst buying slabs of it in cans. I think this is also reflected in the attitude they have towards other UK brewers. Those that receive the BD imprimatur are generally not competitive with them, Kernel for instance. Those that are tend to be subjected to the usual criticisms of being too boring, too big etc. If this pattern continues I suspect the ladder may well come up behind them.


eBXcp1BlMHtC skrev lrdagen den 16 november 2013, kl 14:31

Mudge I'm always plseaed to see Holt's & Lees & Timothy Taylor & Williams Bros in the supermarket, to name but a few. The only reason I feel any different about BrewDog is that their marketing is based on them being different from all the established breweries, and on the idea that they're in some way radical/counter-cultural/alternative/under the radar. Which, at this stage, is clearly nonsense. They're starting to remind me of Peter Cook's take-off of Greta Garbo, hiring an open car and a megaphone to tell the world that she wanted to be alone.If they make it, it might be a good thing in lots of ways, as long as they don’t pull the ladder up behind them.Unfortunately there's plenty of evidence to suggest that this is precisely what they'd do ().they do support lots of small breweries in their pub chainThat's one way of looking at it. As far as I can tell they sell lots of bottles from small American breweries, and a few from a handful of Scandinavian and Dutch brewers. Nothing from Britain, and nothing from anything even slightly like the usual suspects in Europe (the Trappists, Affligem, Huyghe, Bosteels, etc, etc perhaps because you can get all of those elsewhere, making silly pricing less viable).Love the beer, though. If they could just calm down a bit and get back to making good beer


TrlgrdYtk skrev sndagen den 24 march 2013, kl 13:22

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OqeJuuVuxTMEV skrev torsdagen den 21 march 2013, kl 10:03

Excellent! Will have to order some Diablo! Had a half at Bruadar and it's a cracker. On the suebjct of Farmer's Markets, any chance you can come to my local Farmer's Market in Kilmacolm!? Not too far lol!

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