Bacardi Highball


Bacardi Highball är en av de mer välkända drinkarna, som med fördel kan garneras med t.ex. en apelsinskiva och ett cocktailbär.

Bacardi Highball's drinkrecept

4 cl Bacardi superior
2 cl Cointreau
1 cl Citronjuice

Vad som skall göras

Mixa ingrediensera med is, sila därefter över ett highballglas. Toppa med soda.

Taggar för Bacardi Highball

Tyvärr har Bacardi Highball ännu inte taggats med några etiketter. Om du är medlem och inloggad kan du bidra med taggar till drinkrecepten.

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DB7z2YPlz skrev fredagen den 13 november 2015, kl 16:57

I have way too much mint at The Farm. Great way to use some up! Instead of purchased club soda, I hlihgy recommend folks invest in a very eco-friendly SodaStream and make your own. It doesn't use any batteries or electrical power source (so even the Amish can enjoy a good Mojito after a hard day of churning butter and plowing ) and you save on all those bad plastic bottles. After I make my own club soda, I pour it into glass bottles with stoppers adding fresh squeezed limes or juices. I just replaced the original CO2 cylinder after daily use for about 5 months. And even the cylinders are recycled.


LATsOclk3 skrev tisdagen den 10 november 2015, kl 14:03

few months back I wrote about Bacardi's new Torched Cherry Rum and it's Burnt Berry Cocktail rpicee. Crazy enough that story is one of the more visited pages on this site. I'm here to


pBPCjL2NRl skrev tisdagen den 10 november 2015, kl 08:46

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