Apple Vanilla Martini


Apple Vanila Martini är en härligt frisk och något syrlig cocktail, med en härlig nyans av vanilj. Som vaniljvodka rekommenderar vi självklart Cariel T&Q Vanilla Vodka.

Ursprunget lär tydligen ligga hos Kharma i Stockholm, fast vissa hävdar att de pysslat med ingredienserna långt tidigare.

Apple Vanilla Martini's drinkrecept

3 cl Vaniljvodka
2 cl Sourz sour apple

Vad som skall göras

Skaka ingredienserna med is och sila över ett kylt cocktailglas, av martinityp.

Taggar för Apple Vanilla Martini

syrlig   trendig   vanilj  

Verktyg: spara, dela & web2.0:a


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asNedeutcczh skrev lrdagen den 10 september 2016, kl 00:16

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ZukmcC4p skrev fredagen den 13 november 2015, kl 16:58

Re: Peter JulianThe reference to the Liberals lionbbg a softball to Peter Julian on account of his father is probably a reference to the secret meetings that took place in March 2007 between Vancouver Quadra Liberal candidate Joyce Murray, Burnaby New Westminster Liberal candidate Gerry Lenoski and Peter Julian's father Terry Julian. Unfortunately for the participants, these meetings did not remain as secret as the participants would have liked. Someone who was privy to these meeting leaked the information out. I don't know what was discussed at these meetings, but I do know that sevearl meetings between Joyce Murray, Gerry Lenoski and Terry Julian did take place in the spring of 2007.


hSTMV9w1I1 skrev tisdagen den 10 november 2015, kl 14:04

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g3O1Dtp5R skrev tisdagen den 10 november 2015, kl 07:26

That's a smart way of lokonig at the world.

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