Halmstad Cider Jordgubb


Sverige | Krönleins | 33 kr/l | 7% | Varunr: 11842

Halmstad Cider Jordgubb är framställt på flera sorters frukter och bär äpple, päron och jordgubb. Alkoholen kommer från äpple- & päronvin. Halmstad Cider återfinns även med svagare alkoholstyrka i ordinära livsmedelsbutiker. Förutom Halmstad Cider så hittar vi på Systembolaget även ett utbud kallat Halmstad Crush, som istället för cider är blanddrycker.

Bakom Halmstad Cider Jordgubb står Krönleins Bryggeri i Halmstad. Bryggeriet grundades år 1836 under namnet Appeltofftska Bryggeri AB, men bytte namn 1996. Krönleins har ett flertal storsäljare här i Sverige, men exporterar även till Norge, Frankrike, Schweiz, Italien och Grekland.


Serveras väl kyld som sällskapsdryck.


Ljust röd färg.


Söt, fruktig smak av jordgubbe.


Fruktig doft med karaktär av jordgubbe.


Fruktsyra: 7 av 12 Fyllighet: 5 av 12 Sötma: 9 av 12


50 cl flaska - 17.60 kr

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talkingIf you are about organic apple cider vieganr (the commercial varieties are really only good for purposes other than ingestion!!) then they are particularly good in aiding digestion in cases of low stomach acid and also for putting a bit of a spring back into your step if you've found that you've hit a flat spot in your day . 1 2 tablespoons mixed with a glass of water and sipped through a straw will do just nicely. Ensure you use a straw so as to protect the precious enamel on your pearly whites .. :0)CHEERS♥


2zmQ4ue61 skrev tisdagen den 19 november 2013, kl 22:38

Oh Cindy! You are a beautiful woman! Loved the whole show. I never get a chncae to watch anything -with so many people in our home- but I "declared" that the tv was mine at 9:00! Also, I made everyone leave the room so they wouldn't talk during the show. I didn't want to miss one second of it. I'm so glad I got to see it. You should be very proud of yourself. (I would have celebrated too if it were me! Glad you made it a special time with your daughter. I bet she is so proud of you) Ivy


nWr3I5Nq skrev tisdagen den 19 november 2013, kl 17:05

You and me both, really want to hold onto the last bite of smeumr! Have a fantastic time and a super happy anniversary to both you and J! May you guys be forever happy & healthy!x.o.x.o


z9adGraprjCK skrev tisdagen den 19 november 2013, kl 12:51

It has been a crazy week, but tonight sttras off the fun filled wedding weekend for one of my best friends! Cannot wait to let loose and forget about work for a bit! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!Much love,B


Anonym skrev onsdagen den 9 augusti 2006, kl 02:17

uhm inte precis en favorit.


Anonym skrev mndagen den 24 april 2006, kl 18:03

Helt okay - en liten ny favorit faktiskt...


Anonym skrev tisdagen den 7 februari 2006, kl 23:15

satan vad smaskigt:D

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