Xide jasmine/peach


Sverige | Carlsberg Sverige AB | 51 kr/l | 4.5% | Varunr: 1759

Xide jasmine/peach lanserades tidigt på våren 2009 som en säsongsbetonad mixad drink i begränsad upplaga. Välkomnandet av den kommande våren med dess uteserveringar och återuppstående blomsteromfång skedde med en smakkombination av persika och jasmin, ett friskt och fräscht alternativ till drinkar och vitt vin.

Xide-serien (som tidigare gick under benämningen Xider) har utmärkt sig som ett friskt och fräscht alternativ i utbudet av blanddrycker. Säsongsbaserade produkter har även det varit frekvent förekommande, bland annat har vi lagom till julen fått stöta på Xide X-mas. Grundfamiljen Xide utökas alltså kontinuerligt med limiterade upplagor för att hela tiden erbjuda nya spännande alternativ.

Spana gärna in det övriga utbudet av Xide-sorter: cactus/lime, pine/citrus, mandarin/chili, wasabi/lemon, x-mas mistel/orange, bright pomegranate rhubarb och strawberry desire.


Serveras vid 6-8°C som sällskapsdryck.


Ljusgul färg.


Söt och fruktig smak med en aningens blommig karaktär och inslag av persika, jasmin och päron.


Aningens blommig och fruktig doft med inslag av persika, jasmin och päron.


Beska: 6 av 12 Fyllighet: 6 av 12 Sötma: 6 av 12


33 cl flaska - 16.90 kr

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u0i7bgECD94s skrev torsdagen den 21 november 2013, kl 04:55

Ellen appears in a video Return of the Scorcher IIRC (Ted White) and she is seen whlneieg her bike past the car with the throwaway comment I last filled the tank in .January I think . Classic you quietly packed a lot in there.


QrSh9XFJhrI skrev onsdagen den 20 november 2013, kl 09:11

Lizzy now lives in Nashville,TN and works for Gibson guitars.He's also wtnriig new material.No info on any releases or anything but there are some demos here on youtube.


wN3jzhfK skrev tisdagen den 19 november 2013, kl 22:08

It's fun to see pictures of you there and you two look great. This whole thing seems to be argeeing with you. Catherine, you are getting more photogenic with every passing year: WOW. (Also, lovely dress/tunic is that a Swedish or domestic purchase?)


1hcGGvJ04Sj skrev tisdagen den 19 november 2013, kl 19:17

This begs to ask the question: what sort of popele drink Barcardi Breezers? Perhaps the same popele who drank wine coolers or Zima? Is there really a superficial female target market for this product? Maybe the demographic is implying that tribal tats,body piercings,Uggs, red cell phones, bad Brazilian wax jobs and bare mid riffs are a must.


N3gsmNebfgOy skrev tisdagen den 19 november 2013, kl 11:12

Beyond being aimed at women to reinforce their fneeilgs of inadequacy, this is mean and horrible on a basic human level. Who treats other people like that? Or views other people like that?Of course, anonymous thinks it's perfectly okay to be that nasty; but don't call him a fucking moron, because that hurts his widdle fneeilgs.


N52u7IybRQ skrev sndagen den 17 november 2013, kl 11:50

If a woman can honestly say she has never enejyod looking better than a friend then I truly applaud her. I think this is an excellent parody of the incredible two-faced nature of the modern female. Ever heard of the shock factor? Just by talking about this advert you have made it worthwhile. Bacardi Breezers were a dying brand but I think this will keep them going a while longer. Kudos to them for having the balls to poke fun at a long standing issue amongst women.


Anonym skrev torsdagen den 13 augusti 2009, kl 11:40

Jag saknar Banan popsen! Dom va ju underbara!

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