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Gellivare Ciders bryggeri låter hälsa att man nu återupptagit tillverkningen och nu leverar sorterna blåbär och hjortron i en ny 33 cl flaska till pubar och krogar runt om i landet. Produkterna har ännu inte kommit in på Systembolaget, men målsättningen är självklart att vi konsumenter ska kunna finna dem även där.

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xh9vDY6hVc skrev mndagen den 3 march 2014, kl 22:49

I am very displeased with the regulation of the insurance QuotesChimp in our state. It seems to me that the money and power of the insurance industry gives them disproportionate power in the halls of legislature and before the state insurance de�partment.


xyHXonD0 skrev onsdagen den 20 november 2013, kl 09:21

Amazing! I've had a long career in music. I MUST do this with one of my copelus some day. They seem like they are a lot of fun. Great images and I know they have to be thrilled!


qvFIpBJDmb8 skrev tisdagen den 19 november 2013, kl 19:29

That adsrsdees several of my concerns actually.


ibdw3Qcg1 skrev sndagen den 17 november 2013, kl 15:59

Too many to list in fact. I would tell you to get a book on brewing. Wine is eaiser to do only because it requires less steps then beer. Of brewing relies upon yeast to eat sugar and create alcohol. How much alcohol it takes depends on how much sugar was at the begging and the yeast itself.What come out in the end varied from batch to batch. These variances are usually due to increments but can also be things like the temperature at which it was brewed. Recipes are like opinions. There are about as many recipes as there are people brewing that recipe. Do not get so caught up in finding the exact one.I would suggest you start by getting a kit. Follow the instructions and get an idea of what to expect. After this invest in some brewing equipment. The equipment is fairly minimal and are things like a plastic bucket and glass bottle. The entire setup can be obtained for under $100. The only real reoccurring costs you have is what you store the product in (this would be bottles). The kit will give you an idea of what to do, give you step by step instructions and introduce you to brewing. If you have a beer kit it will most likely have extracts rather then grain. If you have a wine kit it will have concentrated juice instead of fruit. As you get more familiar with it you can invest in some extra equipment (a mesh bag for wine, a mashing tun for beer, etc). But for now take it slow and simple.Try a few kits, see how you like them, get an idea of the differences in what you brew. Taste the wort (that is the raw stuff you brew) to see what it tastes like. After primary fermentation taste it again. And when you bottle it taste it a third time. Get a feel for what it is you are brewing and what it should taste like. When you want to start on newer things you will already know how to brew and what it was like. It is not a difficult thing to do. But it can be very ominous to someone who has never brewed. You can also check out local homebrew shops, see if they have classes, or see if someone is willing to show you how they brew. Most brewers are quite proud of their work and would be very happy to demonstrate to you. It is possible they also have a local brewing club. There are plenty of places to get help.

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